A Story

Who are you my love,
For the breath that I held
Turned the dunes to a stream

Who are you my love,
For the world that I see
Is suddenly filled with beauty

Who are you my love
For I’ve lost my self
In the quest of your journey

Who am I? my love,

Just another passenger
In the sea of your stories

Inferred inception

Am I thought
Or am I, a breeze
Passing through time
And an ashamed sea
Of life, of trees
And noise that bleeds
A manequin of leaves,
That seems to please
The passerby, the fairymen,
The cities in dreams
That rest upon these deplorable

A rant shall not lie, if a mind is true
Yet what makes a true mind is all but glue,
Sapphire and rain, that fall unto
The imagination of men, and women
Who feel new.
Through the melody of shine
that sparkles in the dew
And the lifeless being, that gives life anew

When we arise, I remember it’s true. I felt my pillow and my fairytale of moons
To rise or sleep, I was simply confused
For in my dream too, the reality pursued
So I choose the path that I wouldn’t choose
And slept away the world in muse

An imitation

What makes a life
What it feels like tonight
For there is a silence
That sets off tonight
In these mellow streets
And mellow light
That bring to life
A silent Night

In this silence
That stays alive
I break an echo…..

In this silence
That dies tonight
I’ll gaze upon her
nimble thighs
And set my mind
To ask of her
Why she tore
My mortal pride

And shatter all
My little lies
That stay afloat
In an evening sky
Before I ask of her tonight
Could I be her shining, armoured knight

Is death the final answer
To the millions of us that die inside

The fork and glass
Shall hence become the Sphinx
To serve the mundane life
And shoulder all my dreams.
For as I dine with these lovely brides
I’ll wonder as I listen around
What pleasures there are inside
Untapped, trapped and bound

For my feeble heart is strong tonight
Yet daylight has long been come

A missing droplet

Could I be a drop
Amongst the million others
and drown within your dream

Shall I fall from
The misty, dark sky
and lie on your surface
Shall I reach out to
Gravity; and plead
to drag me to your depths
Shall I swim eternally
Within the stream
in hope to join your sea
Shall I gaze from
The high Heaven
on rippling your beauty

Oh, nymph of mine
Should the Lord know
That I gazed upon thee
My eyes would escape hell

Oh, rose of time
Should the world know
That I belonged to thee
I could cleanse eternity

Light of despair
As I join your blue night
I am bound only to life
But now I lie forever
In the glory of your sight
Beyond the realms of men,
In the dark of your dream

A letter

To you my love,
I write this apology.
For my heart
Has loved twice

On just another evening,
Like the many we spent.
I met old friends of mine,
Of who’s friend I’d meet.

She was no angel like you
But neither she a pawn.
As I talked, and eyes met,
We’d shared truth and lie

The truth was, we were
Of the same intellect, will.
More than, we were
Of the same heartbeat.

But you see, she was,
Unlike you, not an angel
Instead, a mere mortal
Who pulled at my mind

So, I missed your hair
Your tender waist
The mole above your hip
That I so wish to kiss

That is why I write
This letter my dear
Hoping you’ll never read
The shallowest of this

Know that I shall always
Love you unfaithfully.
In love, remorse and pain
An unrequited lover


The light flickered and ragged Breaths came into focus. Once again the room lit up for a brief second. Out again. In the prolonged moments of darkness, the filament glowed red. Or at least they did in the after-image when the darkness returned.

Unlike the light, the ragged Breath was steady. Young, shallow and steady. Close to the floor, it blew up an inch of dust with every breath in and out. The dust spiraled in the air, in an unrealistically slow manner, lit by the campfire coming through the window.

Shadows danced on the wall ahead. They’d throw their heads back as the long hair and dresses swayed through. Across the music, the laughter would carry around, along with the crackle of the fire. Glasses clicked.

To all the walls around, the light and sound traveled separately across the two feet of dirt and stone. The flicker of the fire and bulb were weirdly distinct on all of these walls. And so were the music and silence. But what really made the statement of difference, was the two feet of road and the tone of skin that decided privilege.

Let’s talk jeans.

We’ll discuss two types of jeans which are unique and need to be talked about in my opinion.
Selvedge Denim: A selvedge or selvage is simply put a self-finished edge of a fabric and hence the name (self-edge). In the olden times the looms used to weave the fabric in one continous loop by weaving up and down and this used to leave a selvedge which was there just to show one where the end of the fabric is. Selvedge made a comeback in the 80s and was publicized as a premium product and the boom actually came in the early 2000s. Selvedge denim is a more rigid denim fabric, also it attracts a niche crowd for its own unique abilities such as its rigidity, its naturally flawed fabric (believe me it’s a pro as you don’t get this in commercially produced Levi’s of any kind). Also, the fact that one is paying relatively way more for selvedge jeans makes it more and less desirable at the same time.
Raw Denim: It is the natural indigo dyed denim. It isn’t distressed ,washed and treated unlike most commercially produced jeans which are given a wash or two to give out a bit of used and worn-out look to it. Now the best thing about raw denim is its natural process of fading and leaving out colour. Raw denim will actually become personalized in the way one moves as colour will fade from areas of more pressure and in this way every part of the denim looks beautiful to the owner. One of it’s cons is that it leaves out colour even in one’s hands at times and is produced by small companies specializing in certain fields like producing such denim products, the latter also holds true for selvedge denim.

Fun fact: Ever wondered why are women’s jeans pockets so small, not even large enough to carry mobile phones? It is to keep the 8.3 billion USD handbag industry up and running. Congratulations! You just came one step ahead in being an aware consumer.